Assistant Director Search

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High Desert Harmony and its Assistant Director and Musical Director are dedicated to developing and educating women in singing four-part a cappella harmony in a supportive atmosphere for all stakeholders. Chorus leadership and general membership, including the Assistant Director. will support one another through a positive, respectful relationship in every effort to promote the musical quality of High Desert Harmony Chorus.  

The Assistant Musical Director is appointed by and reports directly to the Musical Director.

1. Collaborate with the Musical Director in directing, encouraging, and educating chapter members in the singing of 4- part harmony in the a cappella and barbershop styles.
2. Support the Musical Director by planning and executing chorus rehearsals.
3. Work collaboratively with the Musical Director and Music Team to educate chorus members, determine prospective members' qualifications, evaluate song assessments submitted by members, and direct the chorus.
4. Coach sectionals and small group sessions during regular rehearsals. 
5. Assume responsibility as assigned by the Musical Director such as determining standing positions for chorus members, helping to plan shows (venue, music, order of program, and emcee), working with music team and visual team to develop plans for music presentation and other duties as assigned.

1. The Assistant Director must maintain active membership of High Desert Harmony Chorus and will be a singing member of the chorus when not acting in the Director or Assistant Director roles.  
Requirements for active membership can be found here:  

1. High Desert Harmony will cover the Assistant Director’s Sweet Adelines International and Region 12 Dues.
2. High Desert Harmony will waive all Chapter dues.
3. The Assistant Director will be paid $50.00 per rehearsal when covering for an absence of the Musical Director.
4. The Assistant Director will be paid $25.00 per performance when serving as the Musical Director for the performance.
5. High Desert Harmony will cover the Assistant Director for registration fees, lodging, and transportation to Region 12 Education events approved by the Management Team. Other educational seminars may be approved based on available funds.

Interested individuals should send a resume and brief explanation of their interest to  Please send other inquiries to the same email address.